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TICA 2006/2007 Show Results

Alexandrite Angelus Mishka

BEST Siberian Kitten in UK (UK Bred)

1st Siberian Kitten Northern Europe

8th Siberian Kitten Internationally



The Kittens have arrived!

Mixture of silvers, black smokes and brown. Ready to go to their new homes end of August. Please go to the kitten page for pictures.

Email Jo for details


First and only UK Breeder to have 4 kittens final BEST KITTEN at a TICA Show


Welcome to our Website, we are Willow and Anuta and we are part of a family of Silver Tabby Siberian Cats. We live in Cheshire with Fudge and Kahlan, who are seven year old Birmans, and our adopted Mum and Dad, Jo and Andy.

Photos of our family and kittens...

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We are very friendly and love to meet people. We are great with children and have great fun playing with Fudge and Kahlan, even if it sometimes gets us into trouble with Mum and Dad.

It was a very exciting first year for us both, as we went to various GCCF Cat Shows around the country. Where we both achieved our 4 merit certificates and won classes. The best thing is we have got some lovely rosettes.

We also both went away for Summer Romances. We were a little nervous at first, but the very nice ladies at the holiday home really looked after us and we met two very dashing charming gentlemen.

Willow - My nickname is Willow and my registered name is Radzimierz Roseanna. I am very out going and like to help Mum and Dad with everything they do. I help out around the house and one of my jobs is to sometimes shred the newspaper, it saves Dad doing it! I am the chatty one, and I like to speak for Anuta and me. I am the older one of the two of us, but Anuta likes to take charge really. Since living with Mum and Dad I have had some beautiful babies and I love teaching them tricks for when they go to their new homes.

Anuta - My nickname is Nu Nu and my registered name is Musrafy Anuta. I am a special little girl as I am a Silver Blotched (Classic) Tabby. Mum is very proud of my patterns, and everyone tells me I am very pretty. I love to chase around with Willow and we enjoy getting into mischief. Fudge likes to watch over us all and make sure we are okay. My favourite place to be is outside watching the birds and squirrels. My babies arrived and what fun it was, I love looking after them and we have a great time playing and chasing. I gave Mum and Dad a lovely surprise last year when I had my first Golden Siberian Kittens! Cimus and I were very proud.